Parents & Families

Our community is fortunate to have a group of interested parents who support Montessori Academy teachers and families. Parents are a key part of each child's growth and education, and we welcome all the talents and resources families offer.

Parent Involvement

Parents are expected to contribute 30 hours of volunteer time, per family, per year, and to remain current with any account balances for private tuition, ECA fees, Big Trip costs, etc.

Our parents and community supporters help in three ways: Why Fundraising?

As a public charter school, Montessori Academy K-8 receives a per-student funding amount from state and federal governmental agencies. This funding amount is insufficient to fully cover the added costs of a Montessori education, due to its low student/teacher ratio, which offers more advantages than most public schools. To make up this shortfall, which is only partially offset by modest ECA fees, we must raise funds by holding specific fundraising events throughout the school year. These events require parental, family, and business support.

Arizona Tax Credit for Education

Speaking of fundraising, we respectfully request that all Montessori Academy families utilize the annual Arizona Tax Credit for Education. This tax credit costs you nothing, as it is balanced by real CASH BACK on your annual Arizona Income Tax. This is a real tax credit, not just a deduction. It's currently $200 for Filing Single, and $400 for Filing Jointly. With over 200 students, each with two parents at $200 each, this option should raise $80,000 per year for the school. With some grandparents involved as well, the school could easily raise over $100,000 per year through the Arizona Tax Credit for Education, which costs you nothing but significantly impacts the education provided at Montessori Academy!

Committees & Communication

In support of a vibrant, involved parent community at our school, the Montessori Academy Advisory Council meets at least quarterly, and frequently more often. One member of the Advisory Council is assigned as the Parent Liaison, who serves as a special channel for parents and others to have a voice within the Advisory Council. Parents and others interested in the school are welcome at the Advisory Council's public meetings, which are posted in advance on the school's website.

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