Technology Safety: On & Off Campus

Since Montessori Academy first provided online computing to staff and students, we have worked hard to offer reliable, high-performance access to localized features and programs as well as safe internet access. The school's computing capabilities have grown from two office computers and a printer, to over 60 computers, a dozen printers, and iPads in the classrooms.

For the past two years, we have phased-in infrastructure improvements campus-wide, working toward full CIPA-compliance by August 2014. We will achieve that certification by providing, supporting, and enforcing an Internet Security Policy enabled through technological (a multi-faceted, content-filtering solution set) and educational (in-class and online) means.

Internet Safety Policy & Information

For some time, we have required student and faculty sign-off on a Computing Safety & Permissions Policy. New for the 2014-2015 school year is our revised Computing & Internet Safety and Usage Agreement, which encapsulates the entire policy for both students and faculty in a single, one-page document. The establishment of a single policy for all users is intended to foster the setting of good examples by school staff for our students, showing first-hand that school rules and good sense are meant for everyone.

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