Admission & Enrollment (2014-2015)

Thank you for your interest in Montessori Academy. Please review the enrollment letter and price list information here:
Montessori Academy accepts children in the following order:
  1. Current Students
  2. Siblings
  3. Open Enrollment Students

Applications submitted for open enrollment are subject to lottery to fill openings as stated in the Charter Schools Program Non-Regulatory Guidance, Section C. Private school applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

An application for enrollment will not be accepted without the following items: Classroom Placement

Final decisions for classroom placement are made in the best interest of the child by the Administrative Team. Parents who have information relating to this decision should make an appointment with their child’s current teacher to discuss the issues.

The teacher will then bring those issues to the placement meetings where the final decisions will be made in the spring of each year. Changes in classroom assignments will only be made if the well-being of the child is seriously affected.

Tuition Express

Montessori Academy has selected Tuition Express for tuition & fees payment processing. Their proven, secure system provides parents and the school with the right mix of features to make payment processing streamlined and painless all around. See our Tuition Express links in the right margin of this web page. If you have further questions, please ask the Front Office about Tuition Express.

Important School Terms

Tuition-Based Contract (TBC)

Any student for whom monthly tuition is paid, whether it’s for “All Day, Academic Day, Half Day, or Before/After School”, is considered to be on a Tuition-Based Contract (or TBC). When the school announces a Half Day or an Early Release - followed by the words “Except TBC & RSVP”, all students who pay tuition for more than half-day are welcome to stay free of charge for as long as their tuition allows: e.g., Academic Day students who pay a tuition to stay until 3pm can stay until 3pm on Early Release days, and All Day Students can stay until 5:30pm.

RSVP (from the French: répondez s'il vous plaît)

Students who are not Tuition-Based, or students who pay tuition for Half Day only but wish to stay after 11:30am, are welcome to stay later on Early Release days for a fee of $10 per hour. We encourage making your reservation ahead of time so we can staff accordingly.