Advisory Council


The Advisory Council, which meets in public, is comprised of appointed members from the public and non-Executive Board members of school staff, and serves at the pleasure of the Montessori Academy Inc Corporate Executive Board in support of school success. Also known formally according to Arizona state law as the School Governing Board Committee, the Advisory Council provides policy reviews, advice, recommendations, and other input to the Executive Board as prescribed by Arizona statutes. Transparency and well-rounded, data-driven decision-making are enhanced through an effective partnership between the Advisory Council and the Executive Board.

The Advisory Council mtypically eets at least twice quarterly, generally on the 3rd Wednesday of an announced month in campus Rm#11 at 5:30 pm. Parents and the public are always welcome at (and indeed URGED to attend) Advisory Council meetings, which are subject to Arizona Public Meeting statutes. Agendas, Minutes, and supporting documents from Advisory Council meetings are maintained on the school website, with specific links in the right margin of this web page.

Meeting agendas must be posted online and on the school's Office Bulletin Board a minimum of 24 hours in advance of all public meetings.

CONSIDER BECOMING A MEMBER of our Advisory Council by submitting your self-nomination with resume and reasons for seeking membership, to Juli Newman by phone at 480-945-1121 or via email at

Current MA Advisory Council members include:

  • Maegan Alford, Member
  • Jennifer Dunn, Member
  • Jennifer Maggiore, Member
  • Traci Penman, Secretary
  • George Quebbeman, Member
  • Nick Toronto, Vice-Chairperson (effective post-meeting 9/16/2015)
  • George Wood, Chairperson (effective post-meeting 9/16/2015)
  • Wanda Wright, Observer from Executive Board (non-voting)
  • Open membership seat
  • Open membership seat

    Corporate Executive Board

    The Corporate Executive Board is comprised of officers and appointed directors of Montessori Academy Inc, including the charter holder(s).

    The Corporate Executive Board meets in private sessions as required to develop and direct the school's strategic and tactical business operations including all administrative and educational functions. The Arizona Public Meetings governance statutes do not apply to the Corporate Executive Board.

    Corporate Executive Board members include:

  • Juli Newman, Executive Director/Principal (Email Juli)
  • Wanda Wright, Vice Principal (Email Wanda)
  • Krista Cross, Director of Education (Email Krista)
  • Dale Newcomb, Board Member
  • Open membership seat